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Re: E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update 10-1-07

"4.35% will raise about $765 million annually" and we could get $1/2 billion annually (2003 dollars), by removing the Engler-implemented subsidy of the utilities (personal property at 40% below book value).  With all that great monetary advantage since the implementation of the subsidy in 1999 they can now build for us new fossil-fueled power plants and we get socked four times:  once as we continue to subsidize them; twice by increased income tax; three times by increased utility rates so they can recover costs early-on in providing for us dark-age infrastructure, and an exponential fourth time in health, safety and environmental havoc.   
I'd say political rhetoric is going strong and in full swing -- as is infrastructure investment -- .   
D. Schindler
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I was surprised that golf wasn’t on the list.  That would be an enormous revenue generator.


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Support came primarily from the Democrat side of the aisle with the assistance of the following legislators from Republican ranks; in the House, Reps Ward and Gaffney, and in the Senate, Senators Birkholz, George, Jelinek and Van Woerkom.  Take a minute to write or call to thank all the legislators who decided that investing in Michigan’s people and infrastructure was more important that political rhetoric.   

Are you kidding me?  I have to take it up the yazoo because these fat lazy idiots laid on their dupas for ten months,  then sat like junior high kids cramming to turn in the 72 page report due tomorrow that they didnt start on time or even think about because they were partying all night, and because of that laziness ,came up with some hair brained tax on small business people, and I am supposed to write a thank you note?  If I were their teacher I am pretty sure this "report" would be getting  big fat F!  Some even had the Ba**s to complain about the "lengthy hours". Give me a break, they need to go work a shift as a nurse if they want to feel what "lengthy hours" are.


Calls will be made, thank you's wont be given.


A small (struggling) business owner who now has the additional job of being a Free Revenue Collector for the State Of Michigan .... a business owner who thinks golf and all its services and related items should be taxed, and any business using Great Lakes water for business purposes should be additionally taxed, and anyone dumping into the Great Lakes should be taxed 10% and how embarrased I am to live here in Michigan

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