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E-M:/ Dioxin Canada Study

And thanks to the paternalistic mentality of the Midland City fathers, more concerned about property value than human health, recent dioxin sampling in the city has been secreted away with the blessings of DEQ and EPA.  The sampling data collected is public information according to EPA but in no time the agency did a quick 360 and permitted it to be hidden away. Politics seldom serve the public in the way it serves special interest.

Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council

    Dioxin Pollution Leads to More Baby Girls: Study
    By Jonathan Spicer
    Thursday 18 October 2007

    Toronto - More girls than boys are born in some Canadian communities because airborne pollutants called dioxins can alter normal sex ratios, even if the source of the pollution is many kilometers away, researchers say.

    Dioxin exposure has been shown elsewhere to lead to both higher cancer rates and the birth of more females.

    Researchers at the IntrAmericas Centre for Environment and Health say their findings, released this month, confirm the phenomenon in Canada.

    The study also reveals the health risks of living within 25 km (15.5 miles) of sources of pollution - a greater distance than previously thought, they said.

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