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E-M:/ Heads up, folks that live by Michigan's nukes

Hi folks,

Reportedly, a big concern with distributing potassium iodide pills to the public is that it could undermine the reputation of the nuclear industry. - Kay Cumbow

White House may stop plan for anti-radiation pills

By Mimi Hall, USA TODAY
Snip: "WASHINGTON ­ The White House may scrap a plan that would give anti-radiation pills to millions of people, five years after Congress ordered that the tablets be made available to anyone living within 20 miles of a nuclear reactor."

Snip: "In July, President Bush stripped the Health and Human Services Department of responsibility for the program and turned it over to the NRC."
Snip: "According to the American Thyroid Association, there is no more effective preventive measure [to prevent thyroid cancer]  than potassium iodide."
Snip: "Peter Crane, a former lawyer with the NRC and thyroid cancer advocate...says. "If you entrust our kids' health to nuclear engineers instead of doctors ? you are inviting disaster."