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E-M:/ Midland council approves district for coal plant

Council approves industrial district for coal-fired plant
 The council listened, but reiterated that their job was merely to approve or disapprove the establishment of a district in which to build a power plant, not to determine how the power would be generated. That, Johnson said, was the State of Michigan's turf, and he urged those concerned about the plant's environmental impact to make their voices heard at the state level. The council voted unanimously to establish the district.
Again, support to establish the plant came from representatives of economic development groups, including the Midland Chamber of Commerce and Midland Tomorrow. They reiterated petitioner LS Power's contention that tax abatements for the power plant would be passed on to customers in lower energy costs, and emphasized the importance of an affordable energy source for Midland to compete globally for new business investment.
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