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E-M:/ Tondu looks at 'gasification'

Tondu has been out of the news for a while.  I wondered what they've been up to.
FILER CITY -- Joe Tondu contends he can reduce pollution and double the energy produced by his Manistee County power plant, but said he needs millions of dollars in local tax breaks and guaranteed energy contracts to do so.
"We're kind of taking a wait-and-see attitude until more stuff shakes out," said Fred LaPoint of Manistee Citizens for Responsible Development, a local group that sparred with and ultimately prevailed over Tondu's previous plan to build a new coal-fired plant in Manistee. He agreed the new technology would improve the plant's environmental impact.
"If they're making money, and lots of money, why should the public be expected to help finance this project?" LaPoint said.

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