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E-M:/ Chicago Tribune story: The West, South want Great Lakes water

Enviro-Mich message from "Grenetta Thomassey" <grenetta@watershedcouncil.org>

See the Chicago Tribune article link below for another illustration of
why we need to pass the Compact and the water use legislation introduced
in the House (HB5065-HB5073).  These bills conserve water and include a
provision for public input on withdrawals.
The Republican Senate water use bills revealed last week are not only
not enough, they are based on old assumptions, status quo, business as
usual: "There's plenty of water in the Great Lakes."  

While making a show of supporting the Compact, there is no meaningful
effort to conserve the water upon which the Great Lakes ecosystem
depends - a concept at the heart of the Compact.  There is no
recognition that we can't claim we have no water to spare for export to
other regions if we condone wasting it here.  

And - these bills suggest using the new groundwater assessment tool to
set aside large quantities of water for withdrawal while failing to
allow public input. The tool has great potential, but will only be as
smart as the policy we set.  The Republican Senate bills set the wrong

Check out the story below, and for more info on the Michigan
legislation, see www.greatlakesgreatmichigan.org

> --------------------
> Great Lakes key front in water wars
> --------------------
> Western, Southern states covet Midwest resource
> By Tim Jones
> Tribune national correspondent
> October 28 2007
> While the West burns and the Southeast bakes, there is little to
suggest a large-scale, climatological catastrophe playing out any time
soon in the Midwest. In fact, farmers in Iowa and Minnesota had trouble
last week harvesting their corn and soybean crops because there had been
too much rain.
> But potentially huge battles over water are looming in the Great Lakes

>The complete article can be viewed at:

> Visit chicagotribune.com at http://www.chicagotribune.com

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