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E-M:/ NRA sabotage of DNR budget

I spent a day at a DNR meeting in Lansing, 10/30, followed by the Native American treaty education meeting at Walker on the way home.  Both meetings confirmed that the National NRA is the #1 reason for the failure of the DNR funding.  Since our Lansing meeting was held at the MUCC office, I said hi to Dennis Muchmore.  He is flying out today to Washington to meet with the NRA.  The NRA's DNR funding sabotage was also brought out at our Michigan Charterboat 10/20 meeting in Ludington.  It was noted yesterday that the NRA is only targeting Michigan as dirty politics to help their right-wing Republicans in 2008.  The NRA is willing to sabotage the Michigan DNR funding today (blame the Democrats) for long term future right-wing politics.  The NRA's plan is to claim they don't want to raise hunting fees to not lose anymore hunters.  That is a red herring lie!  The NRA is not claiming any of that in any of the other states that are raising their fees, only Michigan, because it is presently a blue state!  The Michigan DNR is damn mad!  They had a permanent long term funding plan ready to submit by October and the NRA deliberately sabotaged the DNR's plan.  The NRA "Sportsmen for Bush" hypocrites don't give a damn about the future welfare of wildlife management in Michigan as they are pure #1 priority 'gun nuts' and absolutely nothing else matters.

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