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E-M:/ Sierra Club statement on Granholm's Renewable Energy Plan

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter


Press Statement on

Governor Granholm’s Renewable Energy Plan


Gayle Miller

Legislative Director

(517) 484-2372




The Sierra Club is extremely pleased that Governor Granholm stepped forward in a big way today to position Michigan as a national leader in the development of clean, renewable energy. Her goal of meeting Michigan’s future energy needs with a minimum of 25% renewable energy by the year 2025 sets the bar high, and will serve as a powerful driver of economic development to meet that goal.


Three permits have already been submitted to the state for new coal burning power plants, which would make Michigan a leader in pumping more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. “Coal is a dirty, expensive and dangerous technology of the past,” said Gayle Miller, Sierra Club’s Legislative Director. “Michigan must move beyond dirty fuels and capitalize on the immediate need to address global warming and create good jobs. Investing in clean, sustainable energy sources is good for the planet and great for Michigan’s economy.”


“The risk to Michigan and the Great Lakes from the impacts of global warming and a reliance on dirty energy is severe,” said Miller. “Governor Granholm is wisely turning the tragedy of global warming into a huge economic opportunity for Michigan.”


The Sierra Club and many other organizations have been working hard to encourage the legislature to create strong goals for both renewable energy and energy efficiency. “The legislature must overcome their bipartisan differences and work together to help solve global warming and Michigan’s economic troubles,” said Miller. “Setting aggressive standards for energy efficiency and renewables will reduce our global warming footprint, ensure energy rates stay low and improve our air and water quality. This is a win-win proposition.”


States around the country have found that there is a direct correlation between a strong, mandatory renewable energy standard and job creation. Sierra Club is concerned, however, that the legislature’s goals for renewable energy and energy efficiency may be far too low. “Taking a cautious approach to renewable energy equates to taking a weak approach to job creation. Global warming and the need for Michigan jobs are urgent. The legislature must act now and they must act boldly and make Michigan a leader in clean energy technologies.”




Gayle Miller

Legislative Director

Sierra Club

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