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E-M:/ Hoekstra bill would relax rules relating to road funds

I just heard from the White Lake area Muskegon County Republicans they are excited to steal more money way from environmental projects.   Turtle ass Hoekstra has introduced the Maximizing the Use of Funds for Job Creation Act of 2007 to help divert environmental funding to help support Republican construction company campaign contributors. 
A vocal critic of the $318,000 being spent by the Michigan Department of Transportation on turtle fences along U.S. 31 in Muskegon, Hoekstra introduced the legislation Thursday. It would grant high-unemployment states the authority to use the federal transportation funds on building and repairing roads rather than fences protecting migrating turtles.

Based on the bill, called the Maximizing the Use of Funds for Job Creation Act of 2007, the spending flexibility would be provided for states with unemployment rates starting at 25 percent above the national average. Michigan and four other states -- Mississippi, Alaska, Kentucky and Ohio -- would qualify.

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