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E-M:/ Freep on GNEP

Science panel calls for Bush to dump nuclear waste plan
Detroit Free Press, October 30, 2007


Snip: The 17-member panel said the proposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, or
GNEP, hasn't been adequately reviewed and is banking on reprocessing
technology that hasn't been proved...

Snip: The plan envisions a few nations, including the United States and Russia,
supplying others with reactor fuel and reprocessing their used fuel.

Snip: The program has been criticized by nuclear nonproliferation activists and
has received a chilly reception in Congress, which has refused to provide
the short-term funding the Energy Department requested.


The so-called Nuclear Renaissance to build new nuclear reactors (with taxpayer money) is fatally handicapped by the failure of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository project. Enter the Bush Administration's ultimate pie-in-the-sky proposal to reprocess the nation's (and maybe the world's) irradiated nuclear fuel -- Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) - which then proposes to make MOX plutonium fuel and build a new fleet of fantasy reactors to use the new MOX fuel. This ultimate boondoggle depends on billions of U.S. tax dollars over the next two decades to become reality. Yet, GNEP already has sixteen member nations, and has thrown nonproliferation to the wind.
Folks on this list may remember when DOE proposed sending MOX to Canada, 3 trucks a month for 20 years. The original plan (metamorphosed a bit differently now in the southern U.S., with Canada not yet part of the the deal) was to ship from out west and go through Michigan to Canada (I-94 and I-69 across the Blue Water Bridge.) When they shipped experimental MOX through Sault Ste. Marie from Los Alamos, they shipped in an armored truck, with guards armed with M-16s, with orders to shoot to kill. A nuclearized Great Lakes (and world) will be a militarized Great Lakes (and world) and the first loss will be right-to-know. - And, funds that could go to help power green energy will be tied up supporting nuclear plants.

After the feds spirited the experimental MOX to Canada, they wrote in their final report that the only reason they did not use the Blue Water Bridge, was that it was under construction! - A fully funded GNEP would change our lives forever, as there would be quantities of high-level irradiated fuel rods and MOX transported in the U.S. and globally (-in the Great Lakes too. We have lots of reactors.) - Reprocessing has wrought economic disaster and/or ecological ruin where ever it's been used (including France, England, U.S., and Japan) and has contaminated workers, and vast amounts of land and water.

Want more info?  attend our Binational Forum: Dangers of Nuclear Power in the Great Lakes ?and-Steps to a Sustainable Energy Future Nov. 3, part of Step it Up, National Day of Action for Climate Change, today, November 3, 2007 - 9 a.m. to 5 p. m.- Fr. Gerald Bretz Hall, directly behind St. Sylvester's Catholic Church, (which is at 11200 Twelve Mile Road, Warren MI.) The Hall is directly behind the church on Campbell Drive.

- or check Public Citizen  www.citizen.org ... search for GNEP. - Kay Cumbow