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E-M:/ Pete (turtle ass) Hoekstra was on Grand Rapids TV 8 'To the Point' this morning

US Rep Pete (turtle ass) Hoekstra was on Grand Rapids TV 8 'To the Point', 11/04/07, with a big spin that the turtle fence created no jobs.  The anti-environmental West Michigan Republicans are playing every 'red herring' they can preparing for the 2008 election.  Of course the turtle fence provided jobs for the installers and sales for the material suppliers.  Hoekstra is really upset that Haliburton didn't get the $318,000 to hire his Blackwater boys to stand guard over the freeway.  Pete Hoekstra's Republican National Rifle Association turtle trapping violators are also celebrating their victory to cut 34 conservation officer positions from the DNR funding! 
Muskegon Chronicle letters to editor:
Turtle fence won't keep writers away from controversy

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