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The Secret War On Cancer by Devra Davis reviewed today in the  Washington Post and Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Cleveland book review snip:

Now apply the tough question of Devra Davis, a University of Pittsburgh epidemiologist who has spent her career asking, "What about preventing it in the first place?" What has happened to the know-how and political will that might have spared millions from environmental and occupational cancers during our national, 35-year war on the disease?

In stomach-churning detail, she lays out the answers in "The Secret History of the War on Cancer," a well-researched, overstuffed, fascinating book. It conveys enough punch to awaken your inner Mother Jones.

Most of us are familiar with the military-industrial complex, a term coined by Dwight Eisenhower. Davis rivets us with a portrait of medical-corporate collusion - our scientists, government agencies and charitable foundations carrying water for the manufacturers of toxins - from tobacco and asbestos to benzene and Aspartame.



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