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Re: E-M:/ Pete (turtle ass) Hoekstra was on Grand Rapids TV 8 'To the Point' ...

Please don't worry folks.  The Republican politicians have no problem with such mild nick names.  That's nothing.  I live in the real world listening to what Republicans say everyday at coffee about environmentalist and I will not describe their descriptions of the female environmentalist.  They love mocking the kissypoo environmentalist.  You know the types that are so sweet and artificial trying to kiss up at every meeting so they can milk the grants.  That is why the environmentalist are spending their time and money traveling to brainstorm workshops preaching to the choir while Republicans are developing their condo/marinas, Ice Mountain 5.7G GL diversions, hauling trash from Canada, and making money.  Then at election time the Republicans have the money to buy off the state supreme court, political positions, and running over the environmentalist.  The environmentalist are still brainstorming what to do next.  The White Lake area Republicans are laughing they even got the environmentalist to give them millions of state dollars to destroy the turtle habitats at the tannery site for more condos and another  marina.  I've been watching this site for long while wondering when the environmentalist were ever going to stand up and challenge the Republicans instead of kissing them.

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