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Re: E-M:/ Pete (turtle ass) Hoekstra was on Grand Rapids TV 8 'To the Point' ...

I should clarify a point here.  My kissypoo comment should not be taken out of content.  They are good people and are often in paid positions that do not allow them to comment freely here because they have to carefully work with the same politicians we are referring to.  I'm not on anyone's payroll.  Thus, I'm often the relay poster on behalf of the local environmentalist that use much stronger language than I've ever posted.  You may or not be able to tell the difference which is for their protection.  I do not mind taking the heat for others.  I've done this for years and the politicians know this.  This site has minor differences of opinion which is good for our education.  fyi this morning I again had 9:00AM coffee with both Republican mayors of Montague and Whitehall including the Rep running tomorrow for County commissioner election.  We traded enough bs barbs to hold over until the 3:00AM round.  Finally, once in a while I make a breakthrough and this morning I had the smartest one at the table asking how to get more information on 'renewable energy' and I will help him by referring him to proper technical sources........environmental education one at a time.

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