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Re: E-M:/ Pete (turtle ass) Hoekstra was on Grand Rapids TV 8 'To the Point' ...

Enviro-Mich message from "Cynthia Price" <skyprice@gmail.com>

I can attest that what Tom says is true. As someone who has a
conciliatory personality (not that I'm necessarily funded by anyone
that I have to kow tow to since I do have an unrelated day job), I
have always been glad that Tom is willing to stick his neck out. I
don't always agree, but in the instance of this whole turtle fence
situation, I'm appalled by Rep. Hoekstra's stance and find it
completely out of touch with his constituency -- as evidenced by
letters to the editor in the Muskegon Chronicle this past Sunday. I
have told Hoekstra's office this directly, but appreciate Tom's
willingness to bulldog it as I have many times in the past.

Cynthia Price

On 11/5/07, HAMILTREEF@aol.com <HAMILTREEF@aol.com> wrote:
> I should clarify a point here.  My kissypoo comment should not be taken out
> of content.  They are good people and are often in paid positions that do
> not allow them to comment freely here because they have to carefully work
> with the same politicians we are referring to.  I'm not on anyone's payroll.
>  Thus, I'm often the relay poster on behalf of the local environmentalist
> that use much stronger language than I've ever posted.  You may or not be
> able to tell the difference which is for their protection.  I do not mind
> taking the heat for others.  I've done this for years and the politicians
> know this.  This site has minor differences of opinion which is good for our
> education.  fyi this morning I again had 9:00AM coffee with both Republican
> mayors of Montague and Whitehall including the Rep running tomorrow for
> County commissioner election.  We traded enough bs barbs to hold over until
> the 3:00AM round.  Finally, once in a while I make a breakthrough and this
> morning I had the smartest one at the table asking how to get more
> information on 'renewable energy' and I will help him by referring him to
> proper technical sources........environmental education one at a time.
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