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E-M:/ CAFO: No Potential to Discharge Requests on Public Notice

Title: No Potential to Discharge Determination Requests
Folks: Michigan DEQ is noticing 9 proposals to determine "no potential to discharge" from CAFOs that would otherwise be required to obtain NPDES water quality permits. Below is the public notice -- having just gotten this, we have no analysis available but wanted to get this out to any interested people as soon as possible. AW

No Potential to Discharge Determination Requests


Public Notice


The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has received 14 no potential to discharge determination requests from CAFOs.  Nine of those are on public notice from November 6, 2007 through December 6, 2007


Information on each of the nine facilities, including a fact sheet and their application form, may be found on our online NPDES permit public notice system located here: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/owis/Page/main/Home.aspx  Click on “Permits on Public Notice”  then in the “Permitting Program” drop down box choose “NPDES”.  Do not make choices in any other drop down boxes on that page.  Scroll down and click “Search”.  You will get several pages of items on public notice.  They are in alphabetical order by name. 


Note that these are not permits.  If these requests are granted these facilities will not need to apply for NPDES permits that would otherwise be required.  See the fact sheets for more information.


The nine facilities are listed below to help you locate them.  Permit numbers all begin with MINPTD.


Name                                                              County

Crockery Creek-80th-CAFO                            Newaygo

DeWeerdt Poultry-CAFO                                Allegan

Hamilton Pullets-CAFO                                  Allegan

High Lean Pork-Parker Rd-CAFO                  Barry

Walcott- Fillmore St-CAFO                            Ottawa

Walcott-Land of Turkey-CAFO                       Ottawa

Walcott-Port Sheldon-CAFO                          Ottawa

Walcott-The Hills-CAFO                                 Ottawa

Walcott-Turkey Town-CAFO                          Ottawa