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Re: E-M:/ Secret fish report

It's not a "Secret" report. It contains provisional data, which makes it a draft. Drafts are explicitly excluded under FOIA, both state and federal, for exactly this reason. Authors do not want provisional data cited or quoted, in order to not disseminate conclusions which may be not be accurate after final data is in.

This author is allowing public viewing of a report containing provisional data under the condition that citation or reference happen only after consultation with the author. This is MORE open than normal. In most circumstances, no version of the report would be available for viewing until final.

On Nov 17, 2007, at 12:50 PM, Jeff Kart wrote:

I can't see how I could be bound by that. Unless they've rewritten the First Amendment and I didn't notice.

Timothy Caldwell wrote:
You're right–it is strange that a government report (paid with
taxpayer money) cannot be cited or quoted with the author's
permission. I wonder if he has heard about FOIA?

On 11/16/07, Jeff Kart <jkart@bc-times.com> wrote:


Is this weird or what? A report on Lake Sturgeon
But you can't cite it without permission from the author?
Try to open it and see.