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E-M:/ Low Cost/No Cost Land Opportunity for New Organic Farmers in Michigan


The Sweetwater Local Foods Market operates with a "Pledge to Our Customers" that specifies organic (whether certified or not) production practices for growing the food sold at our market. As a result, we have about 1,000 customers who increasingly care about and understand the need for ecologically intelligent farming that works with nature's processes.

One of our customers has just purchased 40+ acres of land near Fruitport, Michigan.
They are a family of four with two working professionals who want to learn how to grow food.
They are willing to offer land to new, organic farmers in exchange for food and guidance on growing.
I think this is a long term deal because both parents are professionals committed to their work.

They have asked me to help them find new/transitioning/established farmers who might be interested in such an arrangement.
Contact me DIRECTLY, off the listserves listed above, if you are interested personally in this arrangement or know of someone who might be interested.

Let me know. 
Peace and good food,

Chris Bedford

Christopher Bedford
Sweetwater Local Foods Market
#6543 Hancock Road
Montague, MI 49437
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231-893-0323 (h)