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E-M:/ Woodbury County, IA's Organic Farming Programs on NEW FILM


Woodbury County, IA is the first county in the nation to:

...offer tax rebates for five years to farmers who transition to organic food production,
...buy locally produced, organic food for county institutions,
...offer new organic farmers land at no cost for three years + no interest on the loan for the balance of the mortgage + a free building lot in a Woodbury County town or city.

The story of how this western Iowa county (500,000 acres) developed this program of local organic food production as economic growth is instructive to anyone interested in getting their local government to take action to promote local food.

I have just completed a 25 minute film (on DVD or VHS) on the Woodbury County experience entitled, "The Organic Opportunity".
It complements my previous film, "What Will We Eat?". 

"The Organic Opportunity" is available from me for $25 postpaid or through www.localharvest.org SEARCH Chris Bedford Films.
All monies earned through the sale of this film go to support the development of health local food systems in West Michigan.
Please contact me DIRECTLY if you have any questions.
Peace and good food,

Chris Bedford

Christopher Bedford
Chris Bedford Films
#6543 Hancock Road
Montague, MI 49437
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231-893-0323 (h)

Chris Bedford has made over 100 films, winning three dozen awards for creative excellence in the process. A current film, "What Will We Eat?" is being shown throughout Michigan and in the midwest as part of a campaign to promote healthy local food systems. His film, "The Next Industrial Revolution" has been sold in 70 countries and is at the heart of a global effort to build an ecologically sustainable economy.