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E-M:/ NMU proposed coal/wood cogeneration facility draws strong opposition

Last night in Marquette the DEQ held a hearing on the FIRST air quality permit application for  NEW capacity for a coal burning facility in Michigan in at least 20 years.  While the Holland public utility is moving forward with a permit to replace an existing generator with the same capacity, this application is the first one before the DEQ for new capacity of the at least seven that are either already applied for or are being seriously discussed right now.


Reports from the Marquette hearing say about 30 people showed up after whiteout conditions earlier in the day.  15 people spoke in opposition to the proposal, with one NMU administration representative speaking in favor of it.  Students at NMU have done an amazing, quick organizing effort, circulating petitions, talking with students and faculty about the proposal, and meeting with the administration to listen to their point of view.  All this was done with just a couple weeks notice and with Thanksgiving intervening -- kudos to their outstanding efforts to begin in earnest the debate in Michigan about whether we need any new coal facilities!


The DEQ has extended the comment period on this facility until December 27 -- go to the DEQ’s website at http://www.deq.state.mi.us/aps/cwerp.shtml to see the proposed permit. Sierra Club has now obtained the permit application, which is in hard copy.  If anyone wishes to get a copy of it, we can have a copy made and mailed, but need to charge $20 to cover the costs.  There is a plan to have a copy of the permit application at the NMU library shortly.


Thanks to all who made the terrific effort to begin this discussion!


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