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E-M:/ RE: / Environmental Reporting Class, Prof Charles Simmons, EMU


Apparently it wasn’t clear that this is at Eastern Michigan University --


Anne Woiwode, State Director

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

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Subject: E-M:/ Environmental Reporting Class, Prof Charles Simmons, EMU


This course may be of interest to many of you!


Special Topics Course Offering

Journalism 379 – Environmental Reporting

Prof. C. Simmons



Benefits of taking this course:

Ø    Employment opportunities for Media Professionals

Ø    Offers Excellent background for non-media students

·        Examine media portrayal of science & public policy

·        Apply environmental issues to your community

·        Examine Quality of Media Coverage

·        Learn about grassroots community struggle for change



What we will do in this course:

Ø    Approach issues of environmental challenges within the context of Human Rights

Ø    Explore Issues of Environmental degradation in Rural and Urban Communities

·        air & water pollution

·        climate change

·        land use

·        wetlands

·        wildlife protection

·        suburban sprawl





Class meets Monday evenings 5:00 – 7:40pm

See the 2008 Winter class schedule for registration information.