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E-M:/ Greenpeace Statement on Dingell's Energy Bill Vote

Enviro-Mich message from Mary Sweeters <mary.sweeters@wdc.greenpeace.org>



Today, Congressman Dingell voted for the energy bill from which the
Senate stripped tax incentives for renewable energy and eliminated a
National Renewable Energy Standard of 15 percent. Rep. Dingell also
voted for the first version of the bill, which included both increased
fuel efficiency and an increase in renewable energy.

Rep. Dingell’s support for the energy bill today should not overshadow
the fact that he was a major force in undermining the automobile fuel
efficiency provision. In the current version, light trucks and sport
utility vehicles will continue to be held to a weaker fuel standard than
passenger cars. The fuel economy provision must be strengthened in the
years ahead.

Because of Rep. Dingell’s work to weaken the fuel efficiency provision,
this bill is a small step in the right direction but falls far short of
what’s necessary to stop global warming.  Scientists tell us that to
avoid the worst impacts of global warming, we need even greater fuel
efficiency for all vehicles, increased development of renewable energy,
and at least an 80 percent cut in heat-trapping emissions by 2050. If
Rep. Dingell shares his constituents’ concern about global warming, he
must cosponsor the only comprehensive global warming bill in the
House—the Safe Climate Act. He must rise to his responsibility as the
Chair of the Energy Committee and protect Michigan from the worst
effects of global warming.

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