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Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 21:13:09 EST
Subject: Last week's update
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Dear Friends,
Although we haven't updated you in a while we thank you for your patience. We have been steady at work and have some new information to share with you.
Shortly after the National Park Service's decision on October 17th to deny the conversion and mitigation of Jean Klock Park, the Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) sent an email to a firm that works for Harbor Shores, informing them that the ACE had denied the permit application to complete the project. We felt it was wise to wait until we received the formal letter of denial before we released this information to the public. The denial was made official on November 9, 2007.
We published a new page at the website titled, "Army Corps Rejection" where you can read the letter from ACE to Harbor Shores. We've added the link at the bottom of this email.
We also created a new page where we just published updates on where things stand at this time with the National Park Service's process titled, "Park Service's Rejection." A link to that page will also be provided at the end of this email. While you're at the site you might want to read the "In These Times" news article by Paul Street titled "Saving a Public Park" on the 'News and Notes' page.
We have some exciting projects in the works and have been doing a lot of research that is turning up some extremely interesting information. As always you'll be the first to know when we're satisfied the projects are, and new information is, complete.
Just know that as good as recent news has been and as confident that we are that Jean Klock Park will come out of this unscathed, we are more determined than ever to to keep up the pressure and will continue to work right through the holidays and beyond.
'Army Corps' Rejection': http://savejeanklockpark.org/ACErejection.html
'Park Service's Rejection': http://savejeanklockpark.org/NPS.html
'News and Notes': http://savejeanklockpark.org/newsandnotes.html
We thank all of you for your interest and support and hope that you're enjoying the Holiday Season. And always please send this on to others who are interested in saving jean Klock Park.
And remember, the gift's that are already ours are the best ones and Jean Klock Park was a once in a lifetime gift that was intended FOR THE CHILDREN, in its entirety, FOREVER! What better legacy can we give them but that?
Best to all
Friends of Jean Klock Park
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