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E-M:/ Meijer's SLAPP Suit and anti-Democratic Behavior


As our world becomes harder, our natural resources and land in more demand, there will be the temptation by some with money and power to take what they want regardless of the common good and our long term survival.

Meijer's actions, the SLAPP Suit against William Boltres of Acme Township, the attempt to muzzle his lawyer, Grant Parsons, the botched attempt to do a recall campaign using unreported corporate funding, the "research" on the publisher and editor of the Record-Eagle, and the general arrogance of Meijers in this whole situation raises fundamental questions about whether we, as a state, are going to allow the rich and powerful decide our increasingly threatened future.

I suggest everyone who wants to write Meijer's top executives and express their opinion about this situation.
Terry Link has. So have I. Write:

Mark Murray OR Doug Meijers OR Hank Meijers
#2929 Walker Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

As citizens, we have two different kind of votes we can cast in the debate about our future.
One is at the ballot box on Election Day. The other is everyday we spend our money as consumers.
We should not give Meijers a free pass on this situation.

My thoughts.

Peace and good food,

Chris Bedford

Chris Bedford
Center for Economic Security
#6543 Hancock Road
Montague, MI 49437
231-670-4817 (cell)

The Center for Economic Security produces programs, media, and campaigns to build ecological understanding among consumers and to promote ecological intelligence in private and public decisionmaking.