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I think that you all make valid points. The question of a part-time vs. full-time legislature speaks to the larger issue of michigan government reform. The state needs to re-examine its antiquated and complex system of operating and delivering services to counties, cities, villages and townships.
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On Dec 26, 2007 9:09 AM, dana <dschindler@jackpine.net> wrote:
Fully agree Edie.  Add to that the elimination of term limits and life-time pensions unless they have served in either or both branches a minimum of 25 years ....
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Rather than turn our legislators into part -timers, how 'bout requiring that they are in their offices or on official business a minimum amount of days (like 250) and cannot miss any votes? CANNOT MISS ANY VOTES! (without a Drs Excuse)  No "I had a once in a lifetime vacation opportunity" excuses.
Also..when they leave, poof, insurance etc is gone, just like any other job. One week paid vacation, 6 six days.  Thats it.
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