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E-M:/ more on Meijer's and Acme Township

The Record-Eagle reports that a Grand Rapids public relations firm billed Meijer, Inc. for recall activity ranging from drafting of petition language to web site development to ghost-written letters to the editor. Section 54 of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act states explicitly that it is illegal to use corporate money for state election expenditures, and Appendix M of the law makes clear that the ban on corporate money applies to recall elections as well. It is a felony to use corporate money in an election knowingly.


Meijer co-chairman Hank Meijer said he learned a few days ago of the company's part in a hidden campaign to unseat local officials who opposed a proposed Meijer superstore near Traverse City.
He was at a loss to explain how such an elaborately planned scheme could unfold without top executives knowing about it.
"It's clear that we did not have the kind of internal controls we needed to prevent that kind of thing from going on," Meijer said.