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E-M:/ IAGLR Session - Role of the NGO in the RAP process

Enviro-Mich message from Derek Coronado <dcoronado@cogeco.net>

We are soliciting contributed papers for the following session at the 2008 IAGLR conference exploring the role of the non-governmental organization in the Remedial Action Plan process. Abstracts submissions are due on January 11, 2008.

Session 9. Sustaining Involvement - The role of the NGO in the RAP process

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement identifies meaningful public involvement as an essential component in a successful Remedial Action Plan (RAP) program. Those RAPs that have had successes have recognized public empowerment as essential in the long term sustainability and ultimately, for some RAPs, the delisting of Areas of Concern. This session seeks to identify and recognize the role of non-governmental organizations in the successful and floundering RAPs.

Chaired by: Lisa Tulen and Derek Coronado

Lisa Tulen, 6610 rue St. Dominique, Montreal, QC H2S 3A7 Canada; Phone: 514-277-1833; E-mail: tulen@uwindsor.ca <mailto:tulen@uwindsor.ca%5D>.

Derek Coronado, Citizens Environment Alliance, 1950 Ottawa Street, Windsor, ON N8Y 1R7 Canada; Phone: 519-973-1116; Fax: 519-973-8360; E-mail: dcoronado@cogeco.net <mailto:dcoronado@cogeco.net%5D>.

For general information about the conference http://www.iaglr.org/conference

Call for Papers at http://www.iaglr.org/conference/callpapers.php

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