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Re: E-M:/ Dow & 'getting serious'

Enviro-Mich message from "Robert Isaac" <rjisaac@gmail.com>

> Corporations -- that refuse to take public responsibility for their actions,
> that abuse and manipulate the regulatory process to enforce their wishes,
> that buy and sell political cover and protection, and hide behind the legal
> designation of the corporation as "an individual" with all the rights of
> each of us -- need to be held financially accountable.

Except that there is no easy way to do that with Dow Chemical, all of
their consumer products have been "sold off" so any consumer action
(boycotts, etc.) against them will not hurt Dow in the least and any
legal action against them will end up bogged down in courts due to
their extensive legal budget (on top of their lobbying/bribes of
public officials).

This is the same corporation that has placed a $500 price tag on a
life of pain and suffering (the payoff for the survivors of Bhopal)
yet still will not accept legal responsibility for the Bhopal

> It is time for us to hold Dow accountable.

Find an Attorney General willing to revoke corporate charters.

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