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E-M:/ Register now! Great Lakes Day 2008, February 27th-28th in Washington, DC

This February 27th-28th, the Great Lakes will hold the undivided
attention of some of the most powerful policy-makers in Washington, D.C.
 Over 100 conservationists will descend on Capitol Hill to discuss the
importance of restoring and protecting the Great Lakes by attending the
Healing Our Waters*-Great Lakes Coalition*s Great Lakes Day 2008. We
invite you to join us, to meet with your elected officials and to share
with them how vital a role the Great Lakes plays in your community and
in your own life.

At Great Lakes Day, you will be briefed on critical issues facing the
Great Lakes; attend training sessions to become a more effective
advocate, and attend a Congressional reception at the Canadian Embassy.
Your participation will help gain momentum for an issue that is truly at
a crucial turning point.  Speaking with your legislators in the House
and Senate as well as sharing ideas with other leaders in the
restoration effort will lead to action on the Hill as well as with the
public and policymakers back home.

Hotel accommodations and scholarships are available.  To learn more
about Great Lakes Day 2008; the Healing Our Waters*-Great Lakes
Coalition; and to register online, please click on the following link.

Join us and take advantage of this great opportunity to get the Great
Lakes restoration message out to our Congressional representatives, and
in turn command the attention of the nation to one of our most diverse,
beautiful, and valuable natural resources and ecosystems.  If you are
excited about the movement to inspire restoration efforts in this
wonderful region, please pass along this message to those who may be

Pam Goddard
National Wildlife Federation
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301-741-6606 cell

Kerry C. Duggan
(c) 734/846-0093
(o) 202/454-4592