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E-M:/ Don't fight climate change with tariffs?

Enviro-Mich message from Larry Nooden <ldnum@umich.edu>

Don't fight climate change with tariffs? That's what trade chiefs in the EU and the US are advising; however, it seems like a sensible idea to me. Tariffs to eliminate the economic advantages of not complying with CO2 emissions reductions make economic and environmental sense. Basically, they "level the playing field" and help businesses in conforming countries. It seems like a market-based solution that would normally be touted by the same folks. So, it (and earlier statements) makes me wonder whom these trade chiefs and most economists represent (prospective employment by big money special interests, not the public interest) and how they are trained to focus on short-term business interests rather than the larger picture or the public interest.

I think the same could be done for other forms of pollution too; maybe that is what they are worried about.

This is something that conservation groups need to push out into public discussion.

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