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E-M:/ RE: / Don't fight climate change with tariffs?

Enviro-Mich message from "Jefferson Henry" <jffhenry@comcast.net>

I noticed this is discussion between the EU and the U.S. What about
China, who is going to tell them to stop their emissions or pay tariffs?
Does it matter what we do if China will not change? The European Union
which is anchored by Germany is renowned for their agreements with
Russia/Soviet Union/Russia and then breaking them. Germany, err, the EU,
is in high level negotiations now with the Russians. Who is in any high
level talks with China or who has the power to influence anything they
don't want or will do because of a tariff agreement?   

History shows the many attempts of trying to make agreements and the
nations cannot come together, and there is a reason most of the entire
population will not understand until destruction is upon us. These
negotiations are nothing more than egotistical men and women who have
not made a difference in their attempts in any cause. History has shown
it and will also provide the window of what the future of these attempts
are unless everyone understands the reason why and what the people just
don't get it. 

Jefferson F. Henry

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