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E-M:/ North Point - Lake Michigan Property - Public Input Requested

Enviro-Mich message from Marcy Colclough <marcydolphin@yahoo.com>

Public input requested on North Point - Lake Michigan
Property (Please forward this message to anyone who
may be interested!)

Responding to overwhelming grassroots support for the
preservation of North Point, a 17-acre county-owned
property on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Van Buren
County Buildings and Grounds committee tasked a
citizens group to explore potential public use
options.   North Point, also known as the ?old Boy
Scout Camp?, is located just north of Van Buren State
Park.   With 400 feet of lake front and naturally
forested critical dunes, it remains a rare example of
natural wonder and beauty along the highly developed
shoreline of Lake Michigan.

The citizen committee unanimously agrees North Point
must be permanently preserved for the enjoyment of
current and future generations and that any
recreational use must be managed to protect the
fragile ecosystem.  

The citizens group has been exploring a continuum of
public use options moving from preservation of the
property in its present state as a primitive
conservation area with public access to a more
developed park setting with pavilion, picnic tables,
restrooms, boardwalk ramp to the top of the dune with
an overlook that makes the top of dune easily
accessible by all.  This continuum is represented by
three scenarios detailed on the Van Buren County web
site at www.vbco.org/northpoint.asp.

The citizens committee invites you to review the
information on the website and provide your opinion as
to the ideal level of recreational development and
public use of North Point.    

Your response can be directed to Marcy Colclough at

Your opinion is critically needed prior to final
formulation of a report to the Van Buren County
commissioners at their regular 5:30 pm public meeting
on Tuesday, 26-Feb-08 in the County Administration
Building in Paw Paw.  Public input is vital to show
support for preserving the property and keeping it
open to the public. 

Marcy Colclough
Home: (269) 288-3767
Work:  Southwest Michigan Planning Commission   
(269) 925-1137 x25    colcloughm@swmpc.org

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