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E-M:/ Dow New York Times


The dioxin uproar is forcing the people here to choose between prophets: the environmentalists with their pointed worries about dioxin, a poison so potent it is measured in parts per trillion, or the company that built Midland, that created its obvious prosperity and that says there is nothing to worry about.


The leadership of Midland County held a news conference on March 18 in the auditorium of the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library to combat the ''old statistics, old information and just plain old news'' that Philip Van Dam, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said had appeared in the news media about Midland.


You could take a hole as big as a football field and 43 feet deep, fill it to the top with gin and then add one drop of vermouth, said Scott MacDonald, chairman of the Midland County board of commissioners who works as a train operator for Dow.

''That, ladies and gentlemen, is a 'one part per trillion,' '' he declared. ''A word of caution: Do not add an olive or it will be contaminated.''


This story was written in 1983. Dow's defenders and arguments have changed little nor has the company's arrogance. Today instead of using the football field/martini analogy, Dow , so I am told is using the analogy of a packet of Splenda in football field of coffee...as for leaders and politicians who buy into the prosperity or pollution, jobs or the environment argument ...not much has changed there either. Thanks to Diane Herbert of Midland who pulled this article from her archives to share. 25 years and the beat the goes on!

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council



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