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E-M:/ Bush Starts Global Warming Talks With Big Emitters; Congress Must Fill Void

Enviro-Mich message from Mary Sweeters <mary.sweeters@wdc.greenpeace.org>


Big Talk, No Results

Greenpeace Expects No Action at Bush’s Big Emitters Meeting And Says
Dingell Must Act to Stop Global Warming

Ann Arbor, MI – Today President Bush will welcome a group of economic powers to Hawaii for talks on global warming. The meeting, Greenpeace says, is a masquerade that reinforces the need for Congress to lead on global warming. Local advocates are calling on Congressman John Dingell to take immediate action.

At the talks, Bush is expected to continue his call for “aspirational goals”—voluntary agreements to cut heat-trapping emissions. These talks are outside of the United Nations process for cutting global warming pollution, which creates binding restrictions on greenhouse gases. Environmental advocates throughout the world say that the U.S.-sponsored talks are simply a distraction from the UN process, and want Congress to step in.

“It’s clear, after seven years of his presidency, that Bush won’t act. It’s up to Congress to stop global warming and protect our country from the worst effects,” said Mary Sweeters, Greenpeace field organizer. “Congressman Dingell, as chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, should lead the charge. We need him to push comprehensive legislation, such as a 20% renewable electricity standard and a cap that will reduce our global warming pollution 80% by mid-century. These goals are comparable to emissions reduction goals adopted by many states and called for by the UN, leading American companies, small businesses, religious organizations, environmental advocates, and others.

The Nobel prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a series of reports last year highlighting the accelerated level of impacts from global warming and the group is calling for global action, particularly from the world’s leading economies.

Recent studies show the Antarctic Ice Sheet is losing mass at an unprecedented rate and the Arctic could be ice-free in the summer within a decade. In Southeast Michigan, reports have already been released showing evidence that drastically reduced water levels in the Great Lakes could be a result of global warming. Warmer winter temperatures may also impact industries such as ice fishing and skiing.

“We need real action on global warming, and it’s clear that Congress needs to lead the charge. We’re depending on Chairman Dingell to do what it takes to help prevent Michigan from experiencing the worst impacts,” Sweeters said.

CONTACT: Mary Sweeters, Greenpeace (951) 275.4676 (cell); mary.sweeters@wdc.greenpeace.org


Since 1971, Greenpeace has been a leading voice of the environmental movement. We work throughout the world to protect oceans and ancient forests, and to fight toxic pollution, genetic engineering, global warming and nuclear threats. Without compromise, Greenpeace takes on powerful political and corporate opposition to protect the future of our planet.


Mary Sweeters

Field Organizer
Project Hot Seat
Greenpeace USA
e: mary.sweeters@wdc.greenpeace.org
p: 951.275.4676
URL: http://www.michiganhotseat.org

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