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E-M:/ FW: February 7 Community Meeting on Dow Corrective ActionWork

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January 31, 2008

Contact:  Robert McCann
               (517) 241-7397

February 7 Community Meeting on Dow Corrective Action Work

The Department of Environmental Quality will be holding the next quarterly
Midland/Saginaw/Bay City (Tri-Cities) Dioxin Community Meeting on Thursday,
February 7, 2008 at the Horizons Conference Center, 6200 State Street,
Saginaw.  The meeting is open to the public and will run from 6:30 p.m. to
9:00 p.m.  Staff from the DEQ, Department of Community Health, and the
United States Environmental Protection Agency will participate and be
available one-half hour before and one-half hour after the meeting for
individual discussion with the public.  Maps and other handout materials
will be available for viewing and discussion.

The Dow Chemical Company has elected not to participate in this community

The agenda for about the first hour of the February 7 meeting includes a
summary of 2007 Tittabawassee River activities and findings and potential
2008 activities; an overview of EPA/DEQ coordination, including a summary of
2007 Tittabawassee River Reach D and Saginaw River Wickes Park area
activities; an evaluation of Saginaw River Dioxin Exposures and Health
Risks; and a brief update on the ongoing Tittabawassee/Saginaw River
treatment technology studies.  Following these presentations, 50 minutes are
set aside for questions and discussion on these and other topics.  During
the final 45 minutes of the meeting, agency staff will be available at
several stations for one-on-one discussion and attendees will be able to
view Tittabawassee River sampling results on maps and discuss
health/exposure concerns and other matters directly with agency technical
staff and management.

The DEQ is unable to have this meeting recorded or transcribed.

The meeting agenda and related documents will be posted to the DEQ Web site
prior to the community meeting at http://www.michigan.gov/deqdioxin and may
be accessed by clicking on the "DEQ/Dow Community Involvement" and "Dow
Off-site Corrective Action" Quick Links in the right navigation column.  The
next quarterly community meeting is scheduled to be held on May 7, 2008.

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