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Re: E-M:/ Where's Granholm on coal plants?

"As soon as this Legislature acts on a comprehensive energy package, Consumers Energy and DTE will begin to jointly invest up to $6 billion in Michigan - much of it to build wind turbines and wind farms to produce electricity and to help businesses and homeowners install energy saving technologies. $6 billion. 17,000 jobs."
Governor Granholm - 2008 State of the State

I thought the Governor's comments in the SoS about the potential for "$6 billion" investment by DTE and Consumers was a reference to their plans to build new coal plants. Her comments talk about alternative energy sources but the only big dollar proposals I've read about have been for the new coal plants. As I understand it, both companies are pushing for changes to the energy legislation so that they can have the assurances they want about the long-term flow of user dollars before they'll proceed with construction. So by their way of thinking, if we want the jobs and investment, energy policy has to be changed to benefit them. I think a good question for the Governor and for DTE and Consumers would be "How much of that $6 billion is being invested in wind farms and other renewable energy sources"? Otherwise, $6 billion will just get us a few very large, very non-renewable coal plants:

"The Consumers Energy complex near Bay City will be the site of an 800-megawatt clean coal plant...The new plant at the companyʼs Karn-Weadock complex is expected to cost more than $2 billion to construct. It should be up and running by 2015."


Andrew Mutch

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Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun columnist lauds the governor's clean energy
plan, but wonders why she is silent on new coal proposed plants.

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