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E-M:/ A comment on the Article of January 28, 2008 by Greg Fox of Nestle Waters of America

Below is a letter to the editor of the Grand Rapids Press that one of MCWC's member and plaintiff in its case against Nestle wrote in response to Greg Fox from Nestle. We hope to see it published in the press this week.
The "Cause of Mudflats"  was the subject of Mr. Fox' article. It's all about the interprepation of the word "cause" and the definition of "mudflats". I verified my understanding of the words with Google. 
The whole controversy is about Nestle Waters of America and whether their pumping operation from the springs connected to Deadstream have any detrimental effect on the level and flow of the stream. The case went to court and the "mudflats" became center stage because they were used as physical evidence. Models used by one expert were discarded by the judge.
As a property owner on Deadstream with a view of the disputed area that we hope to protect forever, I have first hand observations.  I don't believe the natural formation of the mudflats are caused by Nestle and I don't believe Terry Swier believes that either.However, I do believe the pumping causes the mudflats to be exposed under certain low flow conditions, usually at times of low precipitation. The Courts believed it too. Prior to Nestle's pumping, I honestly didn't know what a mudflat was. The mudflat that became infamous was a blind island, in my perspective. I've lived around here since I was 10 years old and have owned property on Deadstream for about 40 years. We'd like to protect this pristine area. We hope both sides can agree how to do it.
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