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The Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce's complaint raises a vital question worthy of serious debate:  which is the greater threat to Saginaw County residents, release of information raising the  possibility of a dioxin cleanup cover up or cleaning up dioxin contamination?  It should be clear by now to most of us that lifting the veil on secret  government-Dow meetings about dioxin poses a far greater threat to Saginaw County than dioxin itself.  While dioxin is one of mankind's worst contaminants, and one of the worst contaminations is upstream from the Great Lakes and drinking water sources for much of Saginaw County, is that really more of a threat than memos leaking out of government agencies?  While we have much scientific knowledge about dioxin, and standards for cleanup, there is no proven remedy for cleaning up leaking government memos.  And once people have information about corrupt behavior there's no telling how deep and wide that might contaminate Saginaw County public opinion.  Just how do you clean that up?

Perhaps the Lone Tree Council and Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce should co-sponsor a forum on this information contamination vs dioxin contamination debate. To be held upstream from Midland, of course.

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You got it Anne. I think it's Comedy Central material..Stephen Colbert or John Stewart? 
 Alternative media and a sense of humor may be the new way because common sense just doesn't seem to matter anymore.

---- Anne Woiwode <Anne.Woiwode@sierraclub.org> wrote: 
Am I to understand that this local Chamber is concerned about the
"accidental release" of a document that apparently was in the hands of a
public agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act, but not as
apparently concerned about the "accidental release" of contaminants that
could be harming its community members? 


Anne Woiwode, State Director

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter

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Chamber calls for probe

Posted by  <http://blog.mlive.com/saginawnews/about.html> Barrie Barber |
The <http://blog.mlive.com/saginawnews/about.html>  Saginaw News February
02, 2008 02:30AM

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The Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce asked the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency to investigate how one of its confidential memos ended up
leaked to an environmental group upset with the pace of dioxin cleanup

Chamber leaders sent a letter to the EPA's Office of the Inspector General
seeking a formal probe into how the Lone Tree Council obtained a copy of the
memo through a Freedom of Information Act request. 


Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council 



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