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E-M:/ 16th National Nonpoint Source Monitoring Workshop

16th Annual Nonpoint Source Monitoring Workshop
September 14 - 18, 2008
Marriott Renaissance Hotel
Columbus, Ohio
The National Nonpoint Source (NPS) Monitoring Workshop is an important forum for sharing successes and improving communication regarding management and monitoring of NPS pollution control projects.
By bringing together NPS personnel from state, federal, Tribal and municipal governments, private sector, academia, environmental groups and local watershed organizations, the workshop will focus on innovative solutions to NPS issues, effective monitoring techniques, demonstrations of new technologies, application of Best Management Practices (BMPs), and lessons learned from Section 319 National Monitoring Program projects and other watershed projects from throughout the United States.
Specific topics of interest to be highlighted at the 16th annual workshop will include:
  • Stream Restoration & Renaturalization Project Monitoring
  • Alternative Agricultural Best Management Practices
  • Urban NPS & Stormwater Management Practices
  • TMDL & Watershed Action Plan Implementation 
  • Bio-Assessment & Water Quality Monitoring Tools & Methodology
  • Lake and Coastal NPS Issues
  • Urban NPS / Stormwater Management
  • Social Indicators Associated with Monitoring Behavioral Changes
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