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Re: E-M:/ Energy company seeking leases for wind turbines

Good points regarding the relative risks of "traditional" energy sources vs wind.  Raising the questions relating to bird impacts is of course valid.  We need only lok at a few "proposed solutions" that were carried out by Homo sapiens to find that the implemented actions cause the next set of problems.  From what I see in the string of responses, the issue is being looked at and addressed.
Thanks for adding to that string responsibly.
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Also, well place wind generators are of less danger to birds than the killings from windshields and windows.  Please put your concerns into perspective.  I also suggest you read Plan B,  available online from the Worldwatch Institute’s Founder by going to the Earth Policy Institute.

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Have any studies been done on the potential effects that Keweenaw wind turbine could have on migration patterns and bird loss in the Atlantic Flyway?  What do ornithologists specializing in migration patterns say? 
Atlantic Flyway migration pattern:
Keweenaw Peninsula
Comparing the two maps it would seem that placing turbines in the middle of a migration route might result in quite a few more deaths than that from a windshield/.window.