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Any decent wind farm design will look at migration patterns.


Debra Rowe, Ph.D.


I'd like to believe thats true but the idea of a wind farm built along the Atlantic flyway leads me to believe that common sense is not being used.  Keweenaw is a well known, well documented stopover and flythrough not only thousands of raptors (at least 13 species)  but millions of other migrating birds, including neo-tropicals. 
I am very excited about turbine power, (and any sustainable power)  but turbine on Keweenaw might be  an "act now, pay later" plan.  I think we H s sapiens are in the fix we are in because we do not look at the long term affects of our actions. 
Investing in solar may mean that people may not see the benefits of it in lower bills, however we may need to pay the price in order to have clean air to breathe and water to drink.  Wind energy along the west coast of MI sounds terrific but in Keweenaw, not so good. 
Reading this from Chuck :
"A significant (but small) number of MI residents have installed various solar energy forms for heating and power.  A friend of mine, Bob Brown, Hastings, MI runs a 240 V AC three phase commercial machine shop on solar.  Others here in SW MI have windmills.  A prof at WMU just put up one on campus on his own dollar.  A retiree near Delton, MI built (about 5 years ago) an 1800 sq ft residence that has a fully insulated  basement filled with soil.  Half the solar panels on the roof run water through the bottom of the soil by electric pump from the photovolaics on the other half of the roof.  The first year the system started collecting heat in July.  It was too hot!  The next year the heat collection started in Aug and she used no external heat source until April.  Not bad!!  Construction cost was about 10% more than traditional.  Suppose we legislated that all new buildings were to design in this sort of passive heat storage ??? Schools, factories, homes .....  "
Now that sounds wonderful.  Why arent we (Michiganders)  investing the big bucks in this?  All new construction in MI should be required to use this sort of technology.  Starting 12/2008.  Ouch, but it would pay off in the long run.
Just my thoughts.

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