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Re: E-M:/ plastic bags

As of a few years ago I researched that and found that some schools run recycling programs for plastic bags and send them back to the (I believe) retailer for some minimal amount per pound. Not sure if this still takes place. I remember there was a lot of flux in which schools were accepting them, etc.
The Recycling Committee of the Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition toured the Muskegon County landfill a while back (the government-owned, not private) and it was overfilled with plastic bags. I believe we intend to make that kind of recycling a priority, though we're hoping to do a baseline study shortly which might change that.
Cynthia Price
Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council

On Feb 4, 2008 1:00 PM, Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com> wrote:
What is the status of these bags in the recycling stream? Does anyone collect them? Or do they have to be landfilled? I agree that we want to move away from them but until we do, it would be great if we could get them out of the trash system.

Andrew Mutch

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About 20 years ago, Australia switched to bio- and UV-degradable plastic
bags, and that diminished the litter, especially around garbage dumps.

I believe the plastics that we use in these bags are banned in Europe, at
least in N Europe.  Their bags can be incinerated without generating
dioxins, etc.

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