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E-M:/ Xeriscaping and Rain Gardens; "Think Spring" classes in Haslett February 16.

Tired of Winter? THINK SPRING this weekend. Join WMEAC’s rain garden program for the following two classes, and do some green dreaming instead of snow shoveling.  

WMEAC’s www.raingardens.org program director, Patricia Pennell, will show beautiful images of summer gardens, full of flowers and butterflies.  We will talk about YOUR gardens and how you can add some green, low-maintenance features to your landscape. Don’t toil over your gardens this year; just sit back and enjoy them. Start Saturday!


Van Atta's Winter Classes. Xeriscaping, 9-11; Rain Gardens, 1-3. Saturday, February 16, 2008.

Waterwise, low-care landscaping for drought-stricken homeowners and businesses in the morning, then rain gardens for everyone (home gardeners and professionals) in the afternoon! Join us for winter classes at Van Atta's greenhouse in the Lansing area. 9008 Old M-78, Haslett, Michigan. $25 fee for each class. Contact Van Attas for more information: 1-800-395-6448 vanattas@voyager.net




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