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Re: E-M:/ Fw: UCS, science, and the next president on your radio

I recall  during the waning days of the Engler/Harding era, Diane Hebert, walking up to the microphone before a packed public audience and tearing to shreds a Dow Chemical funded health study. Sitting at tables facing the audience  were any number of Engler's anointed officials who were in attendance to convince the public to support the study. There were many people in the audience who knew the study  was BS, that it was more of the same, State of MIchigan and Feds  kow-towing to Dow. Diane Hebert was the only one in the audience with the guts to tear that study up in front of everyone.... she never batted an eye she just did it. At the end of the day... Diane Hebert was the most correct person in that room. The bravest too!
The world today needs every voice not afraid to chime in..........
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council  
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I can see from your comment how you interpreted my reference to the
"intellingence" of the US.   That is in no way intended to be a mutually
exclusive comment.  The technical "expertise" of the large variety of
disciplines represented by the UCS is in no way greater or more exclusive
than the native intellingence of the average American.  That is what I was
trying to convey, but obviously missed the mark.

Thank you for your kind comments about the TSCC days.  I have not forgotten
and it still makes my blood boil when "tech" people either leave the
impression or come off as acting "superior" .
Re the trips to the landfill, after I finished my formal ed at U-M I spent
18 months on the back of a garbage truck on Tuesdays.  I learned more about
landfill liners and their integrity there than I did in classrooms.  And the
friends were everybit as good and perhaps a bit more savvy about our society
than the academics.

I fully agree with you!!  Sorry to have come across as a snob.  My sentence
didn't convey the full content of what I intended.

Warm regards,
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> Hi Chuck,
> How are you?
> And what is happening to the poor and working class? They don't have any
> time, money, energy or formal education to file a report. Yet, they are
> the most affected.
> Hit the streets and talk to the people.You'd be amazed at what you'll
> learn and how much you could teach. Listen first and then and speak plain
> and simple language.
> I''ll never forget how you defended me at the TSCC meting in the
> eighties(U.M). Dow and Midland sent the Midland/Dow Goons to attack me. I
> was scared,but you and a pediatrician from the Children's hospital
> validated my information and concerns. It was a difficult day for me but I
> spoke my piece and I had my facts straight.
> I just wish I had a formal education. 36 hrs at a community college
> doesn't get you a job that pays a living wage or the respect you might
> deserve. Hey, I crawled into landfills, followed waste disposal
> trucks,interviewed people, did extensive research
> and oh so much more. Erin Brockovich environmentalism. No time for
> fundraising.
> None of it looks looks good on a resume, but damned you learn a lot.
> I'm older now but still believe that nothing will replace being on the
> streets and good old-fashioned research and investigations.
> Thanks again Chuck...don't forget the people who are affected even if they
> can't read. Get down, get funky...you might even enjoy it,learn and
> appreciate the great people you meet
> Best Wishes
> Diane Hebert
> Midland
> ---- Chuck Cubbage <charles.cubbage@comcast.net> wrote:
>> Scientific FreedomFriends,
>> I thought you might be interested in taking a look at this.  Any
>> questions about how far the Bush administration has gone to damage our
>> resources and democracy should be made clear by reviewing the wide range
>> of attacks on the intellingence of the US population.
>> The Union of Concerned Scientists are scientists from all walks of
>> sceince life.
>> Regards,
>> Chuck
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>> From: UCS Restoring Scientific Integrity Network
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>> Subject: UCS, science, and the next president on your radio
>>                   Dear Charles,
>>                   Just moments ago, the Union of Concerned Scientists
>> (UCS) released a new statement calling for the next president and
>> Congress to reclaim federal government science for the public good.
>> Signed by prominent scientists with significant federal government
>> experience whose work helped start the UCS Scientific Integrity Program,
>> the statement recognizes the value of a robust federal scientific
>> enterprise to meeting challenges like global warming, energy consumption,
>> and growing competitiveness abroad.
>>                   What's more, on tomorrow's Science Friday on National
>> Public Radio, UCS Scientific Integrity Program Director Francesca Grifo
>> and UCS Board Member Jim McCarthy will be talking about science and the
>> next president. Tune in worldwide at 2:00 p.m. EST.
>>                   The new statement calls for the government to create
>> the conditions necessary for federal scientists to be able to do their
>> jobs. Federal scientists should have the freedom to publicly communicate
>> their findings; publish their work; disclose misrepresentation,
>> censorship and other abuses of science; and have their technical work
>> evaluated by peers-all without fear of retribution. The statement is the
>> sequel to the 2004 Scientist Statement on Scientific Integrity, which
>> focused on the Bush administration's misuse of science and was retired
>> today after earning the support of 15,000 scientists.
>>                   We've also released a new UCS report which outlines
>> steps the next president and Congress can take to restore scientific
>> integrity to federal policy making-from protecting whistleblowers to
>> making government decision making more transparent. The report also
>> highlights how science has been misused in recent years, with a special
>> focus on systemic changes that decrease federal scientific capacity and
>> make it more difficult for agencies to fulfill their missions.
>>                   Political interference in federal government science
>> threatens our nation's ability to respond to complex public health,
>> environmental, and national security challenges. We will need strong
>> leadership and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of
>> scientific integrity from our next president, continued oversight from
>> the Congress, and the persistent and energetic engagement from the UCS
>> community to protect the independence of federal science.
>>                   Please check out these new documents on the UCS website
>> and share them with others. And consider sending a copy to presidential
>> candidates today. Together, we can promote a culture where federal
>> scientists are able to serve our democracy with integrity and bring the
>> full fruits of science to all Americans and to the world.
>>                   Sincerely,
>>                   Michael Halpern
>>                   National Field Organizer
>>                   Scientific Integrity Program
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