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Just imagine if all the money spent on flying, driving, lodging, etc was given to the organization holding the meeting , to be used towards solutions.
Personal contacts can be made by the net, I use it for work all the time, and connect with people all over the world.  I am sure someone who is better educated than I could certainly come up with ways of making it comfortable and personal, while still allowing for powerful presentations.  BTW I think keynote speeches over the net could be just as long........ ;)
In a message dated 2/16/2008 11:05:34 AM Eastern Standard Time, dwelker@up.net writes:
You are correct that we need to be thinking of ways to hold more meetings electronically.  Some certainly could done that way, which would reduce our carbon footprint and save us $ as well.  I often do not attend meetings very far away because of high travel, lodging, and registration fees.  An additional plus of an electronic meetings could be the lack of long keynote speaches!
However, much of the benefit of many meetings is the personal contacts that are made at such meetings.  I'm not sure that issue couldn't be worked out with electronic meetings, but I often meet interesting new people and hear interesting ideas while in one-on-one discussions and small group discussions at such meetings
I am more bothered by the inefficient travel arrangements that are often made.  I have often attended meetings, driving on my own, only to find one or two peolpe at the meeting who could have carpooled with me, but unfortunately not only did the meeting organizers fail to organize carpooling, they never even sent out a list of attendees, with addresses and phone numbers, so that people could get in contact for carpooling on their own.  Certainly, when registering ahead of time, one should be able to check a box on the registration form indicating that they would like to carpool, and the list of those who did so could be posted on the internet or sent to all registrants who checked that box.
"Thinking outside the box" is going to be increasingly important in the coming decades, and now is the time to start.  The world needs to realize that is going be increangly trading convenience for a reduced carbon footprint and reduced consumption.
On 2/16/08, WovenWoman@aol.com <WovenWoman@aol.com> wrote:
I was joking with a member no this list a while back about the carbon burned up by people attending these sorts of gatherings but after some thought doesnt it seem a little strange to have meetings about conserving energy , while burning energy to hold and attend them?

Certainly the technology exists to have these events using the net.  What information could not be presented in that manner?  PDF and powerpoint files could be sent so that everyone has what is needed.  Breakout sessions can be held using web cams.
People can log in so that the count is there, etc.
Just a thought.

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