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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update 2-19-08

Senator Patterson announced a schedule for taking up energy legislation this spring starting with the issue of renewable energy and ending with potential revisions to PA 141 by early summer.



SR 86 - A resolution to memorialize the Congress of the United States to reject legislation that would preempt the authority of the Great Lakes states to curb the release of ballast water.

On the floor:

SB 531 - A bill to prohibit the use of tranquilizer shots in hunting.


SB 1037 - A bill to provide for the sale of certain municipal forest prime lands and allow for the relinquishment of reverter


1078-1083 – Bills to revise procedures to approve annexation petition for cities, villages, and townships. (SB 379-384 as passed the Senate in 2003)


HB 5032 - Consolidates the Township, Municipal and County Planning Acts into one Enabling Act. 

HB 5100 - A bill to include agricultural crops in definition of renewable energy facility for renaissance zones purposes.

HB 4597 - A bill to provide for hunting on Department of Natural Resources controlled land.

SB 427 – A bill to provide a process for utilities to follow before building new facilities or entering into purchase power agreements, and to provide competitive bidding in that process.  (Discharged from Committee)

SB 947 - A comprehensive energy bill that would set a renewable energy standard, establish an energy efficiency program and set forth a process for building new energy capacity. (Discharged from Committee)

SB 1000 – A bill to require that the state purchase a certain portion of its energy from renewable facilities – growing from 3% in 2009 to 25% by 2020. (Discharged from Committee)

SB 1040 – A bill to provide an income tax credit of up to $200 for people that enrolled in voluntary renewable energy programs. (Discharged from Committee)

SB 1041 – A bill to require all utilities to offer renewable energy programs. (Discharged from Committee)

SB 385 – A bill to require that utilities provide a certain amount of their energy from renewable sources – starting at 7% by 2009, up to 20% by 2020.

SB 858 – A bill to would adopt the proposed Great Lakes Compact in Michigan

In appropriations subcommittees:

Agriculture will meet on Thursday (2/7) at 8:30 a.m. to take up:


HB 4644 – Increase enforcement power for removing obstructions or interferences with drains.  

HB 4688 - Increase the amount a drain commissioner can charge for maintenance and improvement on drains within a drainage district.


Appropriations: Environmental Quality Department will meet Wednesday (2/20) at 1 p.m. to take up:


FY 2008-09 Department of Environmental Quality Budget Presentation and Overview by Director Steven Chester Public Testimony


Appropriations: Department of Natural Resources will meet on Wednesday (2/20) at 8:30 am. to take up:


FY 2008-09 Department of Natural Resources Budget  Presentation and Overview by Director Rebecca Humphries  Public Testimony



HB 4868; HB 5319 - These bills would amend the Home Rule City Act and the Housing Law of Michigan to expand the list of potential blight violations; and allow a home rule city to designate a violation of its local ordinance if that ordinance is substantially similar to the state housing law.


HB 4894 - would ban marking someone else's property with purple paint without their permission.

HB 5384 – Allows municipal electric companies to enter into joint ventures with a wide variety of new partners and protect some of the information from disclosure.

On the floor:

SB 47 – a bill to create water improvement tax increment financing authorities. 

SB 338 – A bill to expand the use of gift cards issued by department of natural resources.

HB 5331 – A bill to eliminate participation licenses for bear and bobcat hunting.

HB 5630 - A bill to clarify the procedure for dissolution of a lake board.

HB 5607 This bill would allow disabled people who are unable to row or paddle to operate a vessel using an electric motor at a "slow-no wake" speed on all waterways of the state where the use of motors is otherwise prohibited by a marine law.


SB 206 Consolidates the Township, Municipal and County Planning Acts into one Enabling Act. 

HB 5031 - a bill to designate deer hunting season for certain disabled veterans to correspond with the special youth hunt.

SB 530 – A bill to provide standards for noise emission from snowmobiles.

HB 4052 – This bill would exempt from the Land Division Act property that would remain perpetually in an undeveloped state undeveloped under a conservation easement.

HB 4981 - A bill which requires the state to grant easements for parcels that have no other means to access except for across state lands. 

HB 4905 – Allows methane digesters to be used in the process of considered composting dead animals.  

HB 4685 – Requires the MDEQ and MDA to prepare a booklet explaining environmental statute requirements that apply to farming operations. 

HB 4343 – A bill which would adopt the proposed Great Lakes Compact in Michigan.

HB 4222 – A bill that would provide a formula for the distribution of any trash surcharge fees authorized by the legislature.

HB 4484 – A bill to amend the Solid Waste planning process for counties.

HB 5383 –  Allows the establishment of member-regulated electric co-ops reducing the oversight by the Public service commissions over rates and terms of service.  

HB 5525 – This bill establishes an energy efficiency program in Michigan.  Utilities would be required to implement programs that would reduce energy use over time, or contribute to a fund which would be used for the same purpose.

HB 5548/5549 – These bills establish a renewable energy program that requires utilities to provide 10% of their energy from renewable sources by 2015.  

In committee:

Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources will meet on Tuesday (2/19) at 10:30 am to take up:

HB 4820- A bill to exempt from permit requirements under certain circumstances application of oil field brine to county roads.

HB 5107- A bill to require the use of biodegradable material for bait containers


HB 5697- A bill to eliminate the sunset for taking of raptors for falconry.



Transportation Subcommittee on Public Transit will meet on Wednesday (2/20) at 9 a.m. to discuss the Subcommittee's report: Public Transportation in Michigan: An Economic Development Tool Whose Time Has Come


Agriculture will meet on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. (2/20) to take up for testimony only:

HB 5677- A bill to include in the definition of agricultural use maple syrup production.

HB 5678- A bill to exempt from personal property tax maple syrup equipment.

HB 5679- A bill to designate maple syrup producers as food processing plants.

HB 5680- A bill to classify maple syrup production areas as agricultural property.

HB 5509- A bill to provide for technical amendments to the farm produce insurance act.


Appropriations - Agriculture will meet on Wednesday at 9 a.m. (2/20) to take up the

FY 2008-09 Agriculture Budget and the issue of Agriculture Development


Submitted by:

James Clift

Michigan Environmental Council

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