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E-M:/ Aamjiwnaang test finds high levels of hazardous chemicals

[AAmjiwnaang sits adjacent to Chemical Valley, by Sarnia, Ontario directly across from Port Huron, both on the St. Clair River. Thanks to Marilyn Holmes for sending notice of this article. -Kay Cumbow]

[From the Sarnia Observer, Sarnia, Ontario]

Localized study is complete

Aamjiwnaang test finds high levels of hazardous chemicals

Posted 2 hours ago

The Observer

Snip: "The test sample found high levels of the toxic chemicals benzene, chloromethane, chlorobenzene, ethylbenzene and isoprene."

Snip: "The community of about 900 residents is bordered on three sides by Chemical Valley industry. In all, there are 62 industrial facilities located within 25 kilometres of the reserve."

"Aamjiwnaang gained international attention in 2004 after health surveys discovered that female births outnumbered males by a two-to-one ratio. Some health experts linked the skewed ratio to gender-bending chemicals."