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E-M:/ Michigan State University and News/Talk 760 WJR partner in Web resource for Great Lakes environmental issues

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Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 4:22 PM
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Subject: Michigan State University and News/Talk 760 WJR partner in Web resource for Great Lakes environmental issues





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Feb. 20, 2008


Michigan State University and News/Talk 760 WJR partner in Web resource for Great Lakes environmental issues


EAST LANSING, Mich. --- Michigan State University and News/Talk 760 WJR radio have launched a Web site called “Greening of the Great Lakes.”


The goal of the Web site, located at www.greeningofthegreatlakes.com, is to provide information and insight into the organizations committed to making the Great Lakes region a leader in environmental practices. It’s designed to be an online resource for anyone interested in learning about the Great Lakes region, related environmental issues and ways that they can protect the environment.


“‘Greening of the Great Lakes’ is an exciting extension of MSU’s partnership with WJR,” said MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon. “The stewardship of the environment in which we live is vitally important to all of us, especially when it concerns our treasured Great Lakes. We want ‘Greening of the Great Lakes’ to become the online resource for all the important information people need to incorporate sound environmental practices into their daily lives.”


WJR President and General Manager Mike Fezzey said, “The outstanding partnership between WJR and MSU to create www.greeningofthegreatlakes.com has not only created a place where listeners can go to find extensive resources for those dedicated to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but this site will stay on the cutting edge of environmental related news and information.”


Almost all of the information and resources on the site are and will continue to be provided by MSU and Web site sponsors.


“Schupan Recycling is proud to be a part of this environmentally focused Web site,” said Tom Emmerich, president of Schupan Recycling. “As recyclers, we’re focused on protecting our environment. And we’re proud to be a part of this site and to be associated with this cause.” Schupan Recycling was the first sponsor of “Greening of the Great Lakes.”


The Web site is divided into several categories and sub-categories related to our environment.  Primary categories include: Agriculture, Biobased Technologies, Companies Contributing, ECO/AGRI Tourism, Energy, Green Building, Green Careers, Green Facts, Green Products, Public Policy, Recycling, Transportation, Green Events and Water and Land.


One of the primary features of the Web site is Green in the News and Regional Green in the News. This news feed is produced by MSU's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism through a news service called Michigan's Echo.


“Each day we summarize the top environmental stories reported by more than 35 Michigan daily and weekly newspapers,” said Dave Poulson, associate director of the Knight Center. “These summaries are posted in a news digest that links to the full versions of the stories. Organizations can take different versions of the feed and post it on their Web sites.”


About a dozen companies currently sponsor www.greeningofthegreatlakes.com, including MSU’s Land Policy Institute and Office of Biobased Technologies. These companies and organizations support the growth of knowledge about environmental issues for consumers and are great stewards of the environment.


Terry Link, director of campus sustainability at MSU, said, “‘Greening the Great Lakes’ holds real potential for helping citizens within the bioregion appreciate both the diversity and the shared experiences of those of us who reside here. While we reside in a specific place, we are tied to our bioregion in environmental, social and economic ways. This attempt to bring us together to share our stories, our knowledge, and our passions for protecting this unique bioregion on the planet is a great step.”


Although the site has been launched and is being promoted by WJR and WJR.com, it is still being developed, updated and improved every day. 


“We are trying out different features and layouts and continually growing the content and value for both the visitors and the sponsors,” said Jeff Marcero, project leader for “Greening of the Great Lakes.” “The ultimate objective of the site is to give the users a starting point for the environmental information they may be seeking. The Web site might not contain all of the information they’re seeking, but at the very least it should navigate them to where they can learn more.”




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