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E-M:/ DEQ writes plan for Dow



DEQ writes it for Dow and rights it for the community


After months of waiting for a revised Scope of Work from Dow, DEQ did an Approval with Modifications of Revised Dow Remedial lnvestigation Scope of Work for the Saginaw River and Floodplain and Saginaw Bay (2/1/08). DEQ has the authority under RCRA ( Dow Chemical agreed to that authority) to modify these plans so as to not further cause  delays because of Dow's failure to submit acceptable work to the state.


The approved plan with DEQ modifications ( see sections labeled Rationale) lays out clear expectations, plans and guidance for Dow Chemical in accordance with the company's obligations under the law as they proceed to address the Saginaw River, floodplain and Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron.


Dow's game plan has been procrastinate, politics and PR. Kudos to DEQ. A great job for the environment and people of this watershed.




Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council


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