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E-M:/ State is out of money to clean up remaining toxic sites

The DEQ bond program topic will be debated with some "Sportsmen for Bush" and the anti-Jenny NRA factions already attacking the pollution funding proposals with red herring side track spins.  Some of the anti environmental attacks can be turned around if MUCC comes out strong for the bond proposal.  MUCC was a much stronger environmental supporter in earlier bond years before their membership split and became so political.  Let us hope MUCC can reign in some of their anti-environmental politicians, the NRA, and Nestle's Great Lakes water diversion supporters to return to MUCC's cleaner Michigan historical roots.  MUCC has a educational network that could be of help to pass a strong bond proposal in the fall.
$100 million a year needed to keep 450 projects from shutting down
With a bond program that has provided up to $100 million a year to clean up hundreds of toxic sites across Michigan out of cash, the state's top environmental official says he wants voters this fall to approve a replacement.
"We have one of the most successful brownfield cleanup programs nationwide," Steve Chester, director of the state Department of Environmental Quality, said last week. "But now the money is gone."

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